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Commercial Market Update – Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope April 2021




This quarterly update of Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope shows an increase in total sales value, with 25 sales at a total value of $89.5 million, compared to the 18 sales at a total value of $29.8 million for the quarter ending January 2021.

The 12-month total sales figure stands at $227.1 million for the year ending April 2021, with 83 sales recorded over that period, a large decrease in terms of sales value from the previous 12 months ending April 2020, during which 95 sales were recorded with a total value of $749 million.

The table below shows sales recorded for the last eight updates of Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope:

Notable sales in the areas covered by Pyrmont-Ultimo Cityscope for the April 2021 update…

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