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Why the M1 iMac Makes Total Sense | by Mark Ellis | Mac O’Clock | Apr, 2021 – Medium

Of all Apple’s releases this year, the new iMac has arguably been the most hotly anticipated. This is mainly because we haven’t seen a new design since 2012. Only,…



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If youve followed my thoughts on the M1 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini, youll know that I have a few gripes with the spec options offered by Apple.
You need look no further than the comments section of any M1 video I publish on YouTube to realise that there is a massive amount of buyer confusion. How much RAM should I get? Will 256GB of storage be enough? Whats with the 7-core GPU option?
Some of those questions are as old as the hills, but the GPU option on the base level MacBook Air and…

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